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This section of our website is totally dedicated to that great cartoon, Scooby Doo!! Come on in and meet the gang!!

The Mystery Machine

This is the VW bus known as the Mystery Machine. The Scooby Gang travels all over in this van looking for mysteries to solve.

Fred (Freddy) Jones

Freddy is the leader of the Scooby Gang. He usually figures out the plan of how to catch the villians. Most of the time, he's the driver of the Mystery Machine.

This is Freddy when he was a kid.

Here's Freddy all grown up.

Daphne Blake

"Jeepers!" it's Daphne. She's the pretty girl in the gang. She's always getting caught by the villians or messing up the traps.

Daphne when she was little.

Daphne grown up.

Velma Dinkley

"Jinkies!" This is Velma. She's the smart one in the gang. Velma always figures out what all the clues mean. And it never fails she always loses her glasses sometime during the mystery.

Here's Velma when she was a kid.

Velma all grown up.

Norville (Shaggy) Rodgers "Zoinks!" this is Shaggy. Shaggy is Scooby's cowardly best friend. Shaggy is scared of everything...everything that is except for food. He loves to eat....and eat....and eat!

Shaggy as a cute little boy.

Shaggy grown up.

Scoobert (Scooby)Doo

"Rooby Dooby Doo!" Finally we've come to that adorable Scooby Doo, the mystery solving canine.He was born in Knittingham Puppy Farm. He loves to eat Scooby Snacks. He'll do anything for a Scooby Snack or two. He also loves his best friend Shaggy.

Scooby as a Pup.

Scooby As we all know and love him.

Running out of Scooby Snacks? Just whip up your own with this recipe!!

It scares Shaggy and Scooby that you are almost to the end of our Scooby section.

Shaggy and Scooby want you to head over and get some Goodies for your desktop! Also, get some pages to color!

Before you head out....the Scooby gang wishes to thank you for hanging out with them.

Kid Toons

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