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Hey you've made it to the Powerpuff Girls section of our website! Come on in and meet all the characters. Have Fun!!

This is Bubbles. She was made from Sugar. She's really sweet. She can speak squirrel. She loves to color. She loves little puppies. Her favorite color is baby blue.

This is Buttercup. She was made from Spice. She's the toughest one of the girls. She loves beating the bad guys. She hates to take baths. She hates to wear dresses. Her favorite color is green.

This is Blossom. She was made from Everything Nice. She's kind of bossy that's why she's the leader of the girls. She's really smart. She can even speak Chinese. She loves to read. Her favorite color is Pink.

Together...Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup make up the Powerpuff Girls. They are a pint sized crime fighting team.

This is Professor Utonium. He created the Powerpuff Girls in his labratory. They are his perfect little girls.

This is Ms. Keane. She is the Girls kindergarten teacher at Pokey Oaks school. She tries to help the girls solve problems without using violence. She's always looking out for them.

This is Ms. Bellum. She is the assistant to the Mayor of Townsville. You never see her head, but she is the brains behind the Mayor. Whenever he messes up she always fixes the problem.

This is The Mayor of Townsville. Whenever something goes wrong and the police can't take care of the problem, he calls the Powerpuff Girls on their red flashing phone, known as the Hotline.

These are some of the bad guys (Villians) that the Powerpuff girls must defeat when they cause trouble in Townsville.

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