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Okay, we had to add Pokemon to our cartoon collection. Pokemon are little creatures that need to be captured and trained. They come from many different places. Check out our favorite Pokemon.

You will see off to the left of this page ... Charmander. He uses his flaming tail to attack.


He's everyones favorite cute little yellow pokemon. Only thing Pikachu can say is "Pika". He uses a thundershock to attack.


He has a vine attack that can smack people really hard.


He always carries a bone in his hand. When in battle he throws it.


Is a fire mouse pokemon weighing 17 pounds. It usually stays hunched over. If angry or surprised shoots flames out its back.


Is a hypnosis Pokemon weighing 71 pounds. He can often be heard muttering in a low voice.


Is a Gas Pokemon weighing only .2 pounds. He's a mysterious Pokemon. Some say he's from another dimension while others say he was formed from smog.


Is a Parent Pokemon weighing 176 pounds. The parent Pokemon carries a baby in its pouch. The baby rarely gets out of its pouch until it's 3 years old.


Is a Balloon Pokemon weighing 9 pounds. He fires poison spikes from his body. These can only be fired if he drinks 2.6 gallons of water all at once.


Bigger and Stronger than Pikachu, he uses a thundershock that is more powerful than Pikachus.


Is a mouse Pokemon weighing in at 65 pounds. He curls up into a spiny ball when he's threatened. When he's attacked or trying to escape he can curl up and roll.


Is a mantis Pokemon weighing 123 pounds. He can slash through grass with his sharp scythes. He moves so fast the human eye can not track him.


Is extremely fat because he eats a lot and sleeps all the time.


Is the son of Blastoids. His shell is extremely hard and will never break. He attacks by shooting water out his mouth.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the Pokemon! Now head on back to our main page and check out the rest of our site. Don't forget to sign our guestbook and tell us your favorite Pokemon!