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Ok we realize this is a tv show and not a cartoon, but we do love it so. And we're just sure you must love it too or else you wouldn't be in here lookin', right?!!? So let's get started with this section of our site that's totally dedicated to that wonderfully lighthearted tv show Full House.

To start off with, this is a picture of most of the family before the twins came in the picture.

This is Danny Tanner. He's the girls dad. He's a neat freak. Little corny, but does love his girls and always makes the problems go away by the end of the show.

Ok this is Joey. He's a professional comedian with no job most of the time. He has a friend named Mr. Woodchuck that he does the voice for. He does other impressions too. And he's really good at making the girls laugh.

This is Uncle Jesse. He's the cool uncle that is always fun to be with. He loves Elvis and his hair. He always haves to have perfect hair. He even named his comb Mr. Goodpart.

Ok this is Rebecca. She was Jesse's girlfriend, then fiance, then wife. They end up getting married having twins and living in the same house with Danny, Joey and the girls.

Ok this is Donna Jo or DJ for short. She's the oldest of the three girls. She's very smart, but still manages to get herself in trouble from time to time.

This is Kimmie Gibbler. She's been DJ's best friend since kindergarten. She lives right next door. Which is good for Kimmie since she's always needing to copy DJ's homework.

This is Stephanie Judith. She loves to talk and dance. She's always saying "how rude!". Her best friend when she was younger was Mr. Bear.

This is Michelle Elizabeth. She is played by twins Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. She starts the show as just an infant and ends the show as an elementary student. Michelle loves cookies. Sometimes she's a little annoying to her sisters, but they still love her just the same.

Well that's pretty much the rundown on the Full House series. Just one more family pic to check out before ya go. This one includes Jesse and Becky's twins and Steve, DJ's boyfriend.

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