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"We Love Blue's Clues!!! We Love Blue's Clues!!! We Love Blue's Clues!!!"

Blue's Clues Downloads!!

Sorry, but we believe these only work with Internet Explorer!! To download....right click on the "save target as"...pic the folder you would like the file to be saved in...then click save.

These are great wavs!!!

blue bark

Skidoo Music

Short Bark

"A Clue, A Clue"

Closing Song

The Mail Song

Bark II

Ruff, Ruff, Ruff

Steve's Question

Here are some terrific cursors!!

Blue's Paw Print

Blue Waving


Magenta Waving

Here is a zip file with several goodies. Icons, Cursors, and wallpaper!! All Blue and Friends!!

Blue Goodies

Due to copyright laws we need to put this here....All images, sounds, and character names associated with Blue's Clues are copywrited by Viacom and Nickelodeon. we are not affiliated with the production of Blue's Clues or anything Viacom or Nickelodeon does.